Chrome & Pop Ups

I am receiving pop ups in Chrome.  What can I do?

Commonly through ad networks, it's not unusual for one to fall victim to pop ups.  Fortunately, the fix is generally simple.  We'll point out a few places for your to look.

First, visit chrome://settings/clearBrowserData from within your Chrome browser.  Click the Advanced Tab.  Make sure you check all the items while selecting "All Time" in the dropdown and then "Clear Data".  This will clear temporary internet files and cookies.  (Note:  It will also clear saved passwords if you check all the boxes.)

This has a good chance of fixing your pop up issue.  However, it's also possible an extension has been installed with or without your knowledge.  Give the extensions a look:  chrome://extensions/

If you see any extensions that do not expected, you can remove.

Finally, St. Cletus IT has other tools and tricks to remedy if you still need help.  Just open a support request and we'll be glad to help.

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