Summer 2018 Updates

Windows 10 - Due to some hardware and print driver issues, the campus-wide upgrade to Windows 10 is postponed until Summer 2019.

Office 2016 - Will be rolling out to parish offices in August (likely the first few weeks).  Will also be part of the school classroom images.

PDS Updates - Updates to parish office computers will be applied to bring PDS to the current version.  The RE PDS install is already updated.

Wifi Upgrade - Four wireless access points in the grades 1-4 will be upgraded to a newer and higher density model with funding in part by eRate.  The school office hallway, Room 98 hallway, and kindergarten wifi models will also receive upgrades.  Two access points from these areas will be re-allocated to the parish center's meeting room and office area.  All support the latest AC wireless standard common in most wireless devices today.

Network Upgrade - The main network switches which power all traffic to servers and the internet will be upgraded.  Our current equipment is 8-10 years old and we'll benefit from newer and more powerful equipment.  (funded in part by eRate funds)

Classrooms Offline - Classroom desktops will remain offline while maintenance cleans rooms, inventory is shuffled around, and hard drives are re-imaged.  Equipment should be ready for teachers' return.

6th Grade Chromebooks - These have arrived, taken into inventory, and added to our G Suite domain.  Bags have been ordered.

5th Grade Chromebooks - Existing inventory has been inspected and labeled for each student as our 1:1 program reaches this grade level.

4th Grade Chromebooks - A new classroom set of Chromebooks was added to room 114.  These have been taken into inventory, but still need networking and G Suite licenses installed.  In room 115, Chromebooks not claimed by graduates have been added to create a cart.

3rd Grade Tech - Room 111 will have a cart of Chromebooks... perhaps a full classroom set.  This cart is made up of extras and demo units from over the years.  Room 112 will house 21/22 laptops available for grades 1-3.

iPad Cart - At present, will still reside in room 108 and available for checkout.

Student Desktops - Student desktops have been removed from grades 1-3 as they are end of life.   Concentration will focus on mobile devices for students.  An entire class can check out the iPad or laptop cart instead of just two desktops being available.  


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