An Email To Myself Was Blocked


I sent an email to my parish email from a personal account.  It was blocked.  What gives?


We see staff use their personal email to send information to their St. Cletus email address.  Sometimes it's a link... other times a photo or two.

While this is quick and convenient, how you craft the email can result in your message being flagged as spam.

Here are some common spam triggers:

  • No subject to the email
  • No body to the email
  • Neither subject nor body
  • Email only contains a link
  • Email only contains a photo

If you find your email in your junk folder, you can also right click on this message and under the junk filter options, you can set it so that you always receive mail from this sender.  We still recommend you add a subject and something in the body of your email as the message could still potentially be flagged at the server level.


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