Which Log In Do I Use?

Because the parish utilizes so many different pieces of software, not all can be synced to be the same. Additionally, some sites require a full email address, where others can use just a username.

If you have not modified account information (changed your password), here is a list of sites and resources and a reminder of what to use for login.

These are the main items to remember... they will help you with the other services.

  • Computer: first initial, lastname (ie John Doe = jdoe)
  • Parish Email: (use the password provided by IT)

Other services

  • Word Press: first initial, last name (use parish email password)
  • TeacherEase: email address, plus email password
  • Web Filter: computer login
  • Google Apps: (use parish email password)
  • PDS: first initial, last name (email password)
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