Distribution Lists Explained - Outlook

School Focused

  • Teachers Only - Certified Teachers
  • Teacher Aides & Assistants - Classroom aides & assistants
  • School Office - Secretary and Admin Assistant
  • School Admins - Principal and Asst. Principal
  • Teachers & Staff - all of the above lists plus designated school maintenance worker, IT director, athletic director, social worker, district speech pathologist, after care (if positions exists)

 Parish Focused

  • All Parish Staff - ministry heads including Social Concerns, Music, IT, Maintenance, Worship, RE, School, priests (changed as of 12/3/21)

 Other Server-Side Lists

  • All Employees - includes "all parish staff" list, "teachers only" list, "teacher aides & assistants" plus social worker, athletic director, after care (covers all employees with an official parish email address)
  • Maintenance Crew - maintenance supervisor, assistant maintenance supervisor, any other maintenance members issued email addresses
  • Priests - parish priests


(Lists are subject to change.  You can double click on any list to audit the recipients.)

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