What Donations Do You Accept?

What Donations Are Accepted?

The short answer is, check with IT first before accepting anything.

The long answer is that we are trying to demonstrate a forward-moving program.  Generally, donations are of older computers whose operating systems we no longer use or support.  If they are trying to get rid of it because it is old or not fast enough, we are definitely not interested because that will be our reality, too.  Accepting technology equipment that cannot be used becomes a resource drain by becoming a recycling center and storage facility.

Really?  You won't accept anything?

  • Computers

If the computer is too old to install our current operating system, it will just take up space in a corner.  Further, our computers are imaged with a set of drivers that may not work on the donated computer.

At present, the only computers we would be interested in would be newer Dell Optiplex desktops or Dell Latitude laptops.

Check first.


  • Monitors

The world is going to widescreen.  We absolutely will not take the large CRT monitors as all our monitors are flat screens.  The only monitors we would consider would be widescreen 23" or larger.

Check first.


  • Printers

St. Cletus is trying to keep printing costs down as much as possible.  We have negotiated a deal with a company to purchase toner in bulk.  As such, only certain printers can be added to our inventory.  We would be interested in a newer laser printer, but definitely not a desk jet or ink jet.

Check first.


  • VHS Machines

We have some use for playing VHS tapes, but are definitely moving away from this technology.  We have a good inventory of combo VHS/DVD players, so we definitely do not need VCRs.


  • Power Strips

You don't really think of these too often, but between maintenance and IT departments it seems we can always use a good surge protector.  (Important that it's a surge protector and not just a power strip.)


  • Software

License restrictions will probably not make your donated piece of software available for use other than on a single machine.

Check first.


  • Peripherals

Kids use up keyboards and mice perhaps a lot faster than adults.  We would consider like-new optical mice and USB keyboards.  Wireless is a bonus.

Check first.


  • Money

This is the best donation for our Technology Department as we can secure the correct equipment for our environment.


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