Connecting to Guest Wifi with Portal

How Do I Connect To Guest Wifi with Portal?

Guest Wifi is provided as a courtesy in the following locations:  Parish Center, Morrissey Hall, Room 201, church narthex, and school office hallway

1)  Connect your device/computer to the "SC-Guest" wireless network.

2)  Open a modern web browser (such as Chrome, Edge, Brave, Safari, Firefox, Opera).

When you open the browser, you will receive a portal screen. 


You will need to enter a username and password.  Please check with your respective office for information for guest credentials.  (ie school office, parish center, RE)  Employees can use their network login and password, but should never provide this information to any one at any time.

Read the terms and if you agree, click "Login".

3)  Once you log in, the system will redirect your device to the following page:


You are now connected to the guest wifi and connected to the internet.


Note 1:  After a period of time, your session will time out and disconnect.  At which point, you will simply have to repeat the process.

Note 2:  If you are an employee and will be using your device on the network frequently, please open a support ticket for additional instructions so your device will automatically connect to the network without having to use the guest network.

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