What is Lync?

What Is It?

Microsoft Lync is an instant messaging system that works with our Office365 email system.

How Do I Access?

For most parish offices, it is a default installation.  Teachers can request it to be installed.  You can also log in to web mail at and click "people" to participate in instant messaging without any installation.  For iOS users, there is a free app to download.

What's My Login Information?

You will use your parish email address and password.

How Does It Work With Outlook?

A person's availability to chat is tied directly to their "office hours" and general calendar availability in Outlook.  For example, if you have a meeting on your Outlook calendar that you have marked "busy", Lync will show you are unavailable during that time.

What Other Features Does Lync Have?

In addition to IM, you can collaborate using a whiteboard, add polling lists, share a screen, and share Windows applications.

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