Web Filter & Bypass


St. Cletus maintains a web filter to provide a safe and secure web experience for all age groups.  Our filter complies with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and qualifies us for eRate funding.  (In 2012, we received over $1000 for this compliance.)

Our web filter also acts as a front line defense mechanism against spam, spyware, and adware sites to best protect our network and its assets.


There may be certain categories or sites staff would like to visit but are not accessible.  Many common categories like social networking can be bypassed by parish staff, teachers, and administrators.

At the block page, enter your network/computer username and password to bypass certain categories.  This enables you to access certain categories that are otherwise blocked and tells the web filter you are an adult with elevated privileges.  This authentication lasts for about an hour.  If you need access to the content again, simply enter your network/computer username and password again.

False Positive

Should you find a site blocked that you believe should not be blocked... even for children... there is a link on the block page to report the page.  Once reported, it will evaluated and can be whitelisted.


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