Add A Printer

Win 10

Form your application, choose Print.  Then under Printer, choose the dropdown arrow.  Then Add Printer.

printer.pngNext choose Find Now and select your printer and click "Ok".


Win 7

> Start (Windows icon)

> Devices and Printers

> Add Printer

> Add a Network Printer

> Select your preferred printer.  Drivers will install.  (Tip:  Check to make sure it didn't make this printer your default printer, if that is not desired.)

Removing/Adding Network Printer

If a print driver becomes out of date, it may be necessary to remove and re-add.

YouTube (HD):

If you are just adding a printer, you can skip to the part in the video which shows you how to add printers. 



** If you do not see the printer, please open a new ticket request.

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